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Dead Giveaway
105-minutes / Film-noir styled drama

Writen, Directed
and Edited by:
David J. Stern
Featuring: Marty Lodge, Lucy Newman-Williams,
Neil Conway
Produced by: Neil Becker, David J. Stern,
Susanna King
Featuring the
music of:
Edward Simon, Ryan Cullen,
Dennis Mitcheltree, and Kevin Hill
Director of Photography: Bruce Geisert
Sound Design: Kevin Hill,

Dead Giveaway
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Allen has no idea of the price he will pay for satisfying his overblown ego with yet another affair. But Barney, a quirky Ė if not demented Ė con artist, knows Allenís little secret and is prepared to recount it to Melissa, Allenís wife. As the noose tightens around Allenís neck, Barney reveals a new and dangerous turn to his con game. Itís more than money that Barney is after.

Melissa quickly smells a rat. The stench of lies and deceit reek throughout the house as Allen and Melissaís true intentions are revealed and a guarded past, quietly hidden in the closet, is unearthed. During a long and restless night, Allen, Melissa, and Barney pair off for private conversations of intrigue, exposing secret lives and misconceptions. Who is blackmailing whom? A cat and mouse game of control and power leads a twisting plot to a devastating conclusion.

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