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102-minutes / Comedic drama

Written and
Directed by:
David J. Stern
Featuring: Rob Rucker, Greg Trzaskoma, Laura Ramm, Bill Sinischo, Will Young, Ed Guest
Produced by: Michael Grogan and David J. Stern
Music: Erik Lundmark
Director of Photography: Rob Skates

Loopholes is the story of a reclusive home improvement salesman who grapples to understand the grim reality behind the murder of his boss, a reality that threatens to �murder� him as well. In an atmosphere charged with farce and black humor, a demented sales manager, an incompetent detective and the specter of his dead boss hound him relentlessly. He is terrorized into taking a personal journey into the surreal that unveils a shocking fact: the passions of his youth are extinguished. His unexpected courage enables him to rediscover his hope, his humanity, and his future.

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